Treatment / IGRT

Image Guided Radiotherapy

Tumors can move between treatment sessions due to changes in organ filling or while breathing. There could also be variation in the patient's position during day-to-day treatment session set up. Untill now, radiation oncologists have been treating patients with external beam radiation therapy in a mathematically precise way but unable to see what is being treated. Artiste technology overcomes this problem. The change in the position of the tumour can be tracked with a CT image just before treatment delivery and corrections to the patient's position are made online.

IGRT with the highest level of precision for a patient and is the most advanced form of radiotherapy today.


  • High-precision CT-on-Rails for in-room high-contrast diagnostic images.
  • 4D Gating in imaging and treatment
  • 2D and 3D imaging for flexibility
  • 3D Megavoltage cone beam (MVCB) imaging
  • High resolution, accurate field shaping
  • Precise patient positioning

  • High level of accurary
  • Minimized dose to healthy tissue, maximized dose to target
  • Broad selection of imaging options
  • Image based target verification

  • Treatment tailored to individual needs
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Improved safety due to open design
  • Options for patients weighing up to 250 kg