Treatment / Hyperthermia


What is Hyperthermia ?

Hyperthermia is a medical treatment which involves heating a part of the body to a temperature of 42 degrees celsius. At this temperature cancer cell or tumors can be destroyed more easily, by radiation and anti cancer drugs.

How do we apply the heat ?

  • The patient lies on a special bed, and the heat is applied using an applicator, snugly placed on the area with the tumor.
  • Hyperthermia treatment is usually given twice a week for 5 to 6 weeks. The patient is shifted to the hyperthermia unit within an hour of radiation, to begin therapy. Each session lasts for an hour, during which the patient can relax in a comfortable position on the treatment bed. Hyperthermia may be given along with chemotherapy, or an hour after chemotherapy, according to the oncologist's advice.

  • Will heating hurt ?

  • Just for comparison, a tmperature of 42 degree celsius is about how warm the water feels, when one takes a hot shower. Most cities in INDIA have a summer temperature of about 42 degrees celsius. So, hyperthermia does not hurt, the patient will feel warmth in the area being treated.